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Hot Water Boilers
Regular Model Semi Deluxe Model SS Model

High Capacity Model Deluxe Model Hot water boiler

1. The Unit can be installed in backyard or in any corner. Does not require special space.
2. Can be run using cheap and waste products like Wood, Garden Waste, Agriculture Waste, Coconut     Shell and any other flammable waste.
3. The inner surface of the tank is coated with Ant-corrosive and Ant-fungal agents.
4. ZERO MAINTENANCE COST, LONG LIFE. 1 Year Warranty on manufacturing defects.

Wood Fired Instant Hot Water Generator (2 in 1 Model)

Deepthi Hot Water Boilers

1. Deepthi Hot Water Boilers creates full Heat directly affects the cold water so it consumes minimum fuel.
2. It takes only 15 min for heating 60ltr of water.
3. You can get Hot Water when ever you need.
4. The unit can be installed in backyard, or in corner so no requirment of special space.
5. From inexpensive fuel like Wood Waste, Garden and Agricultural Waste, Coconut shell and other     flammable waste.
6. Zero Maintenance cost, long life.
7. Use of high quality material mild steel body.
8. The inner surface of tank is coated with anti-corrosive and fungi forming agents.
9. 1 Year Warranty.

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